Friday, July 21, 2017

Primaris Marines - First Conversions for my tabletop

So finally got chance to start playing with some of the Primaris marines and decided making them Deathwatch Marines would be good fun (and fairly simple as it turns out).

First Marine is Lieutenant Cyprian - Simple head swap with a Forgeworld Heresy Helmet (Blood Angels I think) and two plastic shoulder pads.

Next is Veteran-Brother Drakin lately of the Red Hunters prior to elevation to the Deathwatch.
Again simple head swap with a Vanguard Veteran head and shoulder pads, the Shapeways Red Hunters pad is very nice and fits well.
Finally is his Infernus Heavy Bolter (hes going to be the only Primaris in the squad so thought it would be nice to use it as a counts as). Whilst not quite finished is a normal Cawl Bolter with the barrel repositioned and the nozzle and tank from a Forgeworld hand flamer.

hopefully soon I will be able to get on with my actual Primaris marine force but the Ad Mech are the main concern at the moment.

Monday, July 17, 2017

WarGames UK - Seller Review

Hi folks, been a while since I did a seller review so thought with the purchases of 8th completed now would be the time!

This review covers my experiences with WarGames UK - who instantly get bonus points for using the image from the 80s film :)

Initially I hadn't planned on using them as a seller as their discount varied between 15-20% when I had looked in the past, but their stacked deals on 8th ranging from 20-27% off was more than enough to tempt me away from my normal sellers.

Overall the site was easy enough to use and pleasantly simple - not too much faffy stuff on it and importantly it worked as expected (8th edition popping up on their site at 1am was a help seems as I was going to be busy on launch day) and let me check out as easily as any other site. The pre-built packages were good but being awkward I didn't want one of those, but even still ordering 8th, the imperial indexes and objectives was easy enough and didn't cause any issues.

My only real bugbear with the site as such was that there was no confirmation emails received at the time (something the guys assure me will be resolved in future).

Overall ordering was smooth and then just a case of waiting and seeing. However this was where problems began!

I expected being a reseller I would get my items after launch but after almost a week no dispatch email and no updates I decided to check my account. On there it was showing as "scanned" by courier but no further activity. On contacting the guys I was advised it looks like Fedex scanned it but they would need to chase them and would get back to me. They did explain that they had 470+ boxes going out with Fedex alone for the 8th releases and apologised there was an issue.

It took a day or so to get somewhere with Fedex but once they got hold of someone that knew what was going on it appeared the box had being scanned by their courier but had then gone walkabouts. The guys advised me they would get a replacement sent out to me asap, again the items were sent (and no dispatch notice) and arrived promptly within 3 days. There was then a further issue with the objectives no longer in stock and I was given a choice to wait for them or get a refund (which I took). I was also granted a £5 store credit to use on my next order if I use the guys again (depends on their discounts on the new Primaris toys but the £50 minimum for free postage could be a factor too).

Overall despite the disappointment/frustration of being behind the curve on 8th the experience was good and the guys sending me out a very costly replacement order and sorting their insurance/cover with Fedex without involving me too much was appreciated. 

Good service and pleasant guys overall a good 7.5 out of 10 but the glitches with the email system and stock on the replacement were a disappointment. I would recommend them to anyone if they have the item in stock you are after at a good discount and you are looking at spending over £50.
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